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  1. Ok that covers bullying but another is the WR issue this is another avenue for abuse and it should show players stats not team win rate as this is deceiving
  2. sorry its in wot


  3. I have sent ticket to WG to see if the use of Win Rate can be removed from game as this is an avenue used by players to bully other players, bullying is a huge problem which as a professional counsellor I have counselled person/persons who have been constantly abused with this subject, as a player myself the WR to me is team wins not the personal performance of the player, it is not just new players using this but long time players who are guilty, this is not blaming WG for this problem but one that falls on those individuals the cyberbullies. It needs to be clear that if win rate is used then it should be made clear totally clear that this is team wins. Also the use of the term nubby, I abhor this term as this is also another form of bullying and used quite often in game. This term is used by senior players and new players, many senior players do not understand that they were new players when they started the game, I know that to try and stop the use of this term is slim as cyberbullies will always be present. So my thoughts are that there should be at all times a moderator online in chat 24/7.
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