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  1. moyzie

    moyzie into

    hey guys and gals, moyzie is my IGN I play world of tanks civ and a few other games page looks great Elite well done!! merry christmas and happy new year to all!!
  2. no I haven't posted it I am not sure if it has been posted anywhere there either
  3. I remember that back a fair while ago on world of warcraft they started to investigate cheats and ways to find them and lots of posts were put up in the forums about the cheaters but blizzard rarely replied to them. Then one post they did reply and said they can't say how they do it and can't say what they look for because if it was told then the cheaters would have the advantage. they are always one step behind but when found they always correct the cheat and ban the player. and now I have read that even when the players have come back under new emails and id they are still perma banned. Some how they are tracking ip and banning that it is believed.
  4. can I post that article in the WG forum on the topic of mine about the boxers?
  5. seriously I am just about ready to give up this game I have just had 9 games played tonight and won 2? people are shooting me even before I get out of the end of a wall ????? the spotting mechanic improvement is not working at all ????
  6. Hi All, I'll post this one here because I think it will get a nicer response than some posts in WoT forums of late hehe!! I was googling auctions for cars but I just typed in auction and clicked go and I am guessing because of my search cache of world of tanks info I have been searching for lately. (tutorials and learning angling and side scraping stuff) it came up with this site about 3rd in the list player auctions I thought selling your accounts is a no no!! it looks like there is also a power levelling option for sale too there you pay someone $$$ and they play your account day and night on shifts and you get the benefit of what ever it is you asked for. example stats of account handed back player played I used to see this in World of warcraft alot back in the days when I used to play ( 2004 I started playing, and had a WOW widow lol) that you could easily tell them because if you clicked follow you could just follow them and watch what they did and consequently report them. they wouldn't do instances or platoon/team up with anybody in the guild nor talk, also the stats would drop drastically when handed back to the owner. Whether they are doing it for clan rep or for the XP and creditsI think it is not a good thing for the game. Also usually most of these kinds of services use cheats like auto aimbots and map hacks that allows them to shoot and do damage every shot, they know when to roll back because someone is looking at them with the enemy player not even spotted. All these things were one way or another in World of Warcraft also and were eventually weeded out with Blizzard security team doing a fantastic job. I don't know what the protocols that Wargaming has but I hope they are working on a way of fixing the cheats in game. As it isn't fair for the regular Jo Blows that play for fun and enjoy playing the game but just get slammed in one game and smash it in another there is rarely a close game lately.
  7. thanks Tysanook, for the info I think I have played it and sold it so I couldn't check for myself but I did remember it was only 30 shot mag. But, I think for memory Kiss said he counted 33 shots in that replay.
  8. Hi all is this a a hacked MT25 or is this normal play tank with a great crew ? we have worked out that it can only shoot at least 33 rpm but not like this. any suggestions we have a clan mates replay here linked but we would like some help if this is hacked or not https://wotreplays.com/site/2999827…
  9. Hi I have been researching stats reset for my world of tanks account and really not found anything other than a reset that they do against the bot accounts where is wipes you account of all tanks except your premium vehicles, so you loose all your regular tanks and crews. I would really think that they could offer a form of account soft reset where you get to keep your tanks and crews and skills and just reset your game stats. As in games played and your win rates and the likes. The reason I have been asking and researching it is, since I started playing WoT I had really bad internet providers and bad ping of 400+ and clocked up about 5k games and didn't really care about how I was doing because of the game play situation couldn't be changed. And now after a year battle with 2 different ISP's I have a decent ping of 120 average. So it seems I I am getting better at shooting, ducking and have developed a really good style, hehe because of my bad ping I had to read my map alot more than I think I really have too. I have created a second account and grinding that account is kind of pointless because I have already nearly got my second tier 10 on my first account and it feels like I am just blah! I have a 44% rating on my main account and after nearly 600 battles on my second account it is running at 51% and really just going for particular tanks and lines. I would love my main account to just be able to soft reset stats and keep tanks and crews. Do you think they would ever do it ?
  10. moyzie

    Arty Party

    lol your sooo polite to the poor 61 on its side hahahaha nice game !
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