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will they ever roll out a account soft reset?

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Hi I have been researching stats reset for my world of tanks account and really not found anything other than a reset that they do against the bot accounts where is wipes you account of all tanks except your premium vehicles, so you loose all your regular tanks and crews.  I would really think that they could offer a form of account soft reset where you get to keep your tanks and crews and skills and just reset your game stats. As in games played and your win rates and the likes. The reason I have been asking and researching it is, since I started playing WoT I had really bad internet providers and bad ping of 400+ and clocked up about 5k games and didn't really care about how I was doing because of the game play situation couldn't be changed. And now after a year battle with 2 different ISP's I have a decent ping of 120 average.  So it seems I I am getting better at shooting, ducking and have developed a really good style, hehe because of my bad ping I  had to read my map alot more than I think I really have too. 

I have created a second account and grinding that account is kind of pointless because I have already nearly got my second tier 10 on my first account and it feels like I am just blah!  I have a 44% rating on my main account and after nearly 600 battles on my second account it is running at 51% and really just going for particular tanks and lines. I would love my main account to just be able to soft reset stats and keep tanks and crews. 

Do you think they would ever do it ? 

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