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Forum Rules:

Welcome to the EliteGames forums. Here you will find the rules of the forum.

EliteGames reserve the right to suspend your account on the forums at any time for any reason that include, but are not limited to, your failure to abide by the rules.


  • No spamming.
  • Please try not to create threads on topics that already exist on the forums, use the search function first.
  • No adult related content or disturbing images and links.
  • No linking or discussion of illegal activities.
  • No rudeness, insulting others, personal attacks, threats or inflammatory posts.
  • No excessive capitalisation or profanity.
  • No hard to read posts.
  • No posting of misleading or irrelevant comments. Stay on topic.
  • No racial, religious, sexual, national or ethnic, slurs or insults, this includes "jokes" in bad taste.
  • Keep signatures and names in an appropriate way.
  • No advertising of other groups or companies.
  • Red text is reserved for staff and moderators only anywhere in the forum. Red text is also used for official warnings and announcements. Users are not permitted to edit red text if their post has been edited by administrators or moderators.

Please use the report button if you find a thread or post that is against the rules.

Anyone found breaking these rules may result in sanction(s) being issued against the offender(s).

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